How to Upload Big Video File on iPhone to YouTube without Computer

By | December 31, 2013

Just shot a long video on your iPhone and need to upload to YouTube without using a computer? This painless method will help and you won’t even need to use your computer.


I was shooting a video at a housing area yesterday and wanted to share the video via YouTube with someone overseas. Since many apps are now capable of handling file uploads without having to use your computer at home, I figured that it should be the same for videos.

The native apps on the iPhone don’t have such capabilities so the only possible way is to connect your iPhone to your computer and dump the files first, and then upload to YouTube. If the file size is big, it’s going to cause some issues.

There must be an easier way. Thankfully, there is. Head to the App Store on your iPhone or any iOS device that supports video recording, and look for YouTube Capture.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it on your iPhone, launch the app and you will need to sign-in for the first time with your Google account (who doesn’t have Google account nowadays?). The app will then search for all videos ever recorded on your device and populate them into a list that you can browse, view or edit.

Next, choose the video you wish to upload and tap the arrow on the top right of the screen. Enter a title, select the appropriate privacy (public or unlisted) by tapping on the padlock icon. Once you’re ready just hit upload.

That’s it! Once your video file is uploaded, you can share the link with your friends. The app also comes with editing features and you can also shoot videos directly from this app, try it and let me know!

Is there a similar app for Androids?

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