Turn Dull or Plain Walls into Wonderful Artwork with these Wall Stickers

By | August 23, 2013

If you have a dull or plain wall at home, make it beautiful by using these DIY and easy to use wall stickers.


There are thousands of things you can do to a plain or empty white wall. If you ever need to do a quick, easy DIY fix, I would recommend that you use these stickers.

I’m not sure if you can get them here in Malaysia because we brought this decor all the way from China. If you ever need one at a special price, please get in touch with me. Applying the sticker is super simple.

wall_sticker_1This is how the wall looks like before applying the decor.

wall_sticker_2We started off by sticking bigger objects as shown above, which is a tree bark.

wall_sticker_3Once again, apply bigger objects first so that you can get a good overall view of the final work.

wall_sticker_4Applying the deer was tricky especially the legs and horns. At this stage, you can see the almost finished work.

wall_sticker_5For the last few steps, apply smaller and thinner objects such as the small tree barks.

wall_sticker_6This is how the final artwork looks like. No more dull looking walls!

Finally, if you’re curious to see the sticker application process, here’s a glimpse of it!


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