5 Useful Tips to Earn Part-time Income from Blogs in Malaysia

By | April 7, 2014

Earning extra income from blogging is absolutely possible but you must be willing to invest sometime on it. Here are some tips for you.


You’ve been hearing about people talking that they are making passive income from blogging in Malaysia but how do they do it? Let me share some tips with you.

1. Start a blog today

Don’t delay! You don’t need to wait for the perfect moment to start a blog. All those ideas you have in mind should be converted into action. It’s not that hard to start a blog or website. I’ve written this blog post on how to start your blog from scratch that will only cost you less than RM0.28 a day!

2. Sign up for Google’s Adsense program

Do you have a Google or Gmail account? Great, once you have setup your blog simply go to Google Adsense official website to sign up for this program. What is Adsense? In this program, you are working together with Google by putting ads on your website or blog. Each time a visitor clicks your ad, you will get a commission in US dollars. It can be anything between US$0.01 to a few US dollars depending on the niche or keywords on your blog. I’ll write more details on this on my future blog post.

3. Stay consistent by posting regular updates

Although it may be a challenge to post new stuff every day but you must try your best to be consistent. Write useful tips, guide, experience which you may think may help other people. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for information every day so don’t assume anything! Sometimes people do look for the most trivial things.

4. Drive traffic by fine tuning your blog or website

In order to make your website to be “visible” and searchable on Google you need to fine tune your blog or website. I will not go through the details here for now but make sure that you have a sitemap setup, install SEO (search engine optimization) plugins on your blog, track visitors and traffic etc.

5. Don’t get discouraged and never give up!

Last but not least, don’t ever give up even if you find that no one’s visiting your website. Google will reward to those who remain resilient and persistent in maintaining their blogs. Some blogs take years to be successful but there are also people who managed to become a popular blogger in a matter of months. If you don’t take the chance you’ll never know what may happen.

Read here if you need an immediate help or coaching!

I wrote the tips above based on my experience running multiple websites and blogs. My iPhone related blog such as this is helping me supplement my income. It also teaches me some valuable lessons and experience which I’m sharing with you today!

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