The Haze Season of Malaysia is Back in September 2015

By | September 8, 2015

Just like previous years, the haze in Malaysia is back again, this time in September.


One of the most hated period in Malaysia – the haze season has returned again, and it’s getting quite bad.

When I checked the Air Pollution Index (API) online, it shows ‘moderate’ air quality in the Klang Valley. It was definitely a lot worse earlier today, I think it has hit above 100, which is considered ‘unhealthy.’

How does the API scale look like?

API in the 0 to 50 range is good, 51 to 100 is moderate, 100 to 200 is unhealthy; 200 to 300, very unhealthy; and above 300, hazardous.

As we all know, most of the haze is caused by open burning in Indonesia, which happens every year. There are also inconsiderate Malaysians who are doing the same, creating hotspots around the country which make things even worse.

How long will the haze last this time?

According to Meteorological Department’s National Weather Centre senior meteorologist Dr Hisham Mohd Anip who spoke to The Straits Times:

“We are now at the last stage of the south-west monsoon season whereby the wind is flowing from Sumatra to the peninsula. Expect it to last for another two to three weeks” 

UPDATE: Well, this was from a few weeks ago, according to Department of Environment, it may last until the end of October, when the wind changes direction from North to South. However, the forest fires in Sumatra may last until March 2016. 🙁

In general, based on the Department of Environment’s website, Sabah has the best air quality in the country.

There’s a bit of rain here and there, but that doesn’t seem to help.

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