This RM0.10 DIY Solution Will Make Your Car Headlights Like New Again

By | August 24, 2013

If your car’s headlights have turned dull and ugly due to Malaysia’s heat, there’s still a way to fix this – and it will cost you almost nothing.

make-headlights-newBased on my observation, this seems to be a common problem with many cars in Malaysia especially with older Proton and Perodua cars. Replacing the whole headlights may be a solution but it will be a waste if they are still functioning well. The dull looking headlights will make your car look really old but this fix which I’m about to show you will change all that.

The RM0.10 solution which I’m talking about is using toothpaste! I know that a toothpaste doesn’t cost RM0.10, but I assume that you’ll always have a toothpaste at home and you will only need a small bit of it to make your headlights look new again.

make-headlights-new-2Simply use a small dry cloth and dab it together with a small amount of toothpaste on the headlights. Use a small circular motion. You may have to do this a couple of times.

make-headlights-new-4After cleaning it with a toothpaste a couple of times, you can see the result almost immediately. The dull looking headlights are better looking. This will also improve your night driving as the light beam is no longer obstructed.

make-headlights-new-5Compare this photo with the one on top of this post, see the difference?

A great solution doesn’t have to expensive. If you have the same problem, try this fix and share your experience here!

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