Let Me Review your Resume (CV) and Help You Get Your Dream Job!

By | December 4, 2014

When looking for a job the first step is putting together an amazing resume that’ll impress your potential employer. This is why you need your resume reviewed by a professional.


You are qualified and you are skilled yet you are not getting the job that you have applied for. Could it be that the present format of your resume is not taking you into the coveted short list of applicants? A shining resume grabs the attention of recruiters at the first glance and is easily picked up in job search engines.

I can help you by making sure your resume is absolutely perfect. I’ve had more than 5 jobs at multinational companies (4 US-based companies, 1 UK-based company) in the last few years before I turned myself into a full-time online entrepreneur and I’ve never not been offered the job from my interviews.

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When I asked why I was chosen, the majority of the time it was down to my resume. Your resume is your first impression with your potential new employer so do make it count! I’m also experienced with recruitment so I know what companies are looking for in a candidate!

What’s included with my service:

  • I will check for punctuation and grammatical errors.
  • I will check for spelling mistakes.
  • I will check readability, and make suggestions for replacement synonyms.

I will include both a final edit and a copy with the edits I’ve made.

How much do I charge?

I only charge a flat rate of RM50 with a turnaround time of approximately 2-3 working days. If you need it done within 1 working day, simply add RM25!

How about payment?

Payment can be done via online banking (Maybank2u) or PayPal (preferred method as it’s secure and we’re both protected). Since it’s a digital delivery, payment in advance is required – this is a standard practice for any digital services.

Why should you trust me?

Is there a reason why not to trust me? I’m here to help those in need by providing a reliable and quality service!

If you’re already satisfied with the contents of your resume, please consider doing a resume makeover to make it stunning and your potential employer will definitely be impressed!

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