Review of Lexus CT200h Hybrid by the Owner Himself

By | June 22, 2014

Thinking of getting the Lexus CT200h? Here’s a personal and honest review (may be biased) by the owner of this fabulous car.


Before I purchased my Lexus CT200h late last year, I’ve been doing a lot of research on it but mostly all the reviews I found via Google or YouTube are the typical reviews you can find on magazines or TV shows. I admit that I’m not a professional reviewer but I will give my personal opinions, explain the features and conclusion about the Lexus CT200h. Please bear in mind that the version of CT200h imported into Malaysia may differ from one country to another so some of the features mentioned may or may not available at your location.


The import tax for vehicles is extremely high in Malaysia which makes cars sold in this country one of the most expensive in the region. However, there was “no tax” imposed on imported Hybrid cars by the Malaysian government between 2011 and at the end of 2013. The prices mentioned below are considered “tax free.”

There were three versions of CT200h sold in Malaysia – Standard, Luxury and F-Sport. The standard was sold for RM175,000 (approximately US$58,300), the Luxury version’s price tag was RM201,000 (US$63,300) and the F-Sport version was RM10,000 more expensive (US$3,300). Since the Malaysian government lifted the tax incentive in 2014, Lexus Malaysia has stopped importing this car into Malaysia due to price issue.


The Lexus Ct200h Luxury model which I currently drive has an endless list of features so I will try my best to mention all of them here.

1. Lexus Hybrid System

The electric motor and engine system are pretty much the same as the one used on the Toyota Prius. However, I’ve read somewhere that this system is slightly “tweaked” for the CT200h. I guess I don’t have to mention all the technical details on how it works but I must state the fuel consumption as this is probably why you’re looking to buy a hybrid in the first place. After driving the car for almost 9 months, the average consumption based on my driving style is about 20km/l (km per litre).

2. Eco, Normal and Sports Driving Modes

You change the driving mode by using the control knob in the middle of the dashboard. Eco mode gives you sluggish acceleration as the system is tuned to save you as much fuel as possible. I rarely drive using Eco mode because I hardly noticed any significant decrease in fuel consumption. I always use Normal mode when driving in the city and Sports mode when I need to have some fun on the road. I also find it ideal to use Sports mode on highways.

3. Keyless Entry

The remote control of this car has a radio unit that communicates with the car when it’s near. When the car senses the remote, the light under the side mirror will illuminate and you can simply open the car door without the need to press any button. However, there are also lock/unlock buttons on the remote if you wish to override it.

4. Push Start Button

Similar to the Keyless Entry feature, as soon as you’re inside the car, you’re able to start the system by pressing the power button without the need of using the ignition like traditional car. When you start the system, you won’t hear the engine running because the electric motor is always on standby first; unless if the battery is low and the engine will kick-in to charge the battery.

5. Navigation System (GPS)

The navigation system is acceptable but I avoid using it because of its slow response and I prefer to use Waze on my iPhone. You control it via the “mouse” or Remote Touch on the centre console.

6. Power Seats

The front seats are powered so you can adjust your seating position by pressing the buttons on the side of the seats. The driver’s seat can program up to three seating positions. The front seats are heated which I’m not entirely sure why Lexus Malaysia made this feature available in a tropical country.

7. iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth Sync and DVD Player with Dolby Audio System

The audio system can sync with your iPod or iPhone via USB or Bluetooth to play the music stored on your device. The DVD player can be used only when the car is stationary.

8. Reverse Camera

The reverse camera uses wide angle and bright lens which allows you to see clearly when reversing. It also shows you red and yellow lines on the screen to guide you when parking your car.

9. Sensors – Rain, Light, Parking, Intrusion

The CT200h comes with plenty of sensors. When it rains the rain sensor will turn on your windscreen wipers automatically. When you park your car the sensors will beep in you’re too close to an object. If your surrounding gets too dark your headlights will turn on automatically. If the vehicle is locked, the internal cabin’s sensor is activated to detect any movement and sound the siren if someone is inside the car.

Here’s a short video I took driving the car in EV (Electric Vehicle) mode:

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that people are searching for battery price for the Lexus CT200h. Probably there’s a misconception that the battery needs to be replaced often. It’s not. The hybrid battery system doesn’t have to be replaced like a toy car that operates on batteries. It’s also designed to last for up to 10 years. If you’re thinking of buying a used (second hand) CT200h, don’t doubt because it’s a great car.

As I’ve stated earlier there is a long list of features on this fabulous car so I’ll keep adding them from time to time. You can also read the review of Lexus CT200h by a popular Malaysian automotive blog here.

Richard Ker

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  • Vijay Anand

    Hi Richard, fantastic article and it gave me a good insight on what I may be up for if I do decide to purchase this car. 🙂 I do have one lingering question which is the service and maintenance of the car. It would be great if you could share some info on it. Cheers mate.

    • Richard Ker

      Hi Vijay, the maintenance procedure includes battery checking as well, everything else it’s pretty much the same as other cars. As long as you send it for servicing based on the recommended mileage, driving your Lexus will always be a pleasure

  • Fadzli Faudzi

    Hi thanks for the review. Are you still using the car?

    • lifeinmy

      Yes I do. Used CT200h is very affordable now (brand new no longer sold). Test drive one to experience it.

      • hmtan

        hi i am planning to get a second hand ct200h. am considering a few points. would like to know more about the common issues if any? What is roughly the cost for service and maintenance? Do you know of any good lexus mechanic around klang valley?

        • lifeinmy

          The most common issue is the steering wheel knocking sound. Average service cost at official Lexus around RM800. There’s a FB group for CT200h owners. Look for it for more information.