How to Renew Malaysian Passport at Wisma Ikhlas Putrajaya (2015/2016 Guide)

By | November 4, 2014

The Immigration Passport Office (Pejabat Pasport Imigresen) has recently moved and some procedures updated. Use this latest guide here.

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My passport is due for renewal again as I plan to travel before the end of the year. Previously, I renewed my passport at the immigration office in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur and I remember it was done pretty quick.

In order to renew your passport, you need to bring the following:

  1. Your Expiring/Expired Passport
  2. MyKad
  3. RM300 for 5 years or RM100 for 2 years.

If you’re renewing your passport in Putrajaya, there’s no need to bring your photo anymore as they are now equipped with sophisticated Canon digital camera facility. That’s good news for everyone because you can save around RM10-15 from taking new photos. I would highly recommend that you wear dark coloured clothes; preferably with collar for males as per the immigration photo requirements.

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Today I found out that the Malaysian passport office in Putrajaya has just moved to a new location a few months ago. The new office is located at the following location:

No 17, Level 3
Menara Ikhlas
Persiaran Perdana
Presint 3, Putrajaya

The office is located inside a modern white building located in the heart of Putrajaya. If you’re driving you can find it on Waze (GPS app) by searching the location ‘Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya’. Please be sure to select the one that has ‘Menara Ikhlas’.  There are plenty of free parking around the area.

Please note Putrajaya immigration operating/office hours to avoid any timing issue:

  • Monday-Friday : 7.30 am – 5.30 pm / Friday Closed On : 12.15pm – 2.45pm (for Friday prayers)
  • Saturday-Sunday : 8.00 am – 1.00 pm

If you see Gloria Jean’s Coffee upon entering the building, you’re at the right place. Go straight up to Level 3 and grab your number at the reception.

Counter 11 to 18 process new passport applications and renewals. Simply wait for your number to be called. During my visit today there was a temporary system disruption but thankfully it was resolved quickly. It was on a Monday afternoon and the place was about 70% full.

Tip: If there are still a lot of people waiting in front of you, try to search for unused number on the floor. While waiting, I found a number that was issued before lunch time but was not used probably because the person did not have the patience to wait. I was issued with number 1453, it was still processing number 1247 when I got my number. The number that I found on the floor was 1316. I managed to save at least one hour.

Once your number is called, go straight to the counter and submit your passport and MyKad. The officer will ask you whether you want a 5-year or 2-year passport. Then your thumb will be scanned for a few times. Your photo will be taken shortly after that. You are required to verify all the information, signed and do a thumb print.

You will need to wait for the same number to be called to pay for your passport at either counter 23 or 24. Any payment that is made after 4.30pm, the new passport can only be collected the following day. Your MyKad will be returned to you during payment. A yellow receipt will be given to you. Once again, wait until your number is called for collection at either counter 21 or 22. You have to be there in person to collect it as your thumb will be scanned and you will need to sign a release form.

Timing Summary

2.10pm – arrived at the immigration building

2.15pm – issued a number

3.15pm – my number was called and initiated the renewal process

3.45pm – payment

4.10pm – collected passport

Total time required approximately 2 hours not including driving time.

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