Protect Car Interior when Taking your Dog or Pet for a Drive

By | June 22, 2014

If you own a pet, you would always want to take him/her for a drive somewhere. This is what I used to bring our dogs while protecting the car interior.


While most people use an enclosed carrier to bring their pet, I prefer my dogs to be able to “roam” and not confined into small space. My wife managed to get this “carrier” during her trip to China not too long ago.

It is made of nylon material which means it’s waterproof (probably not 100%). It does a good job on protecting the seats from accidental scratching by your dog’s paws. There are four straps used to pivot the carrier. They are adjustable and should fit most seats with headrests.

On both sides of the carrier come with zippers to allow your dog go up or get off your car easily. I took a short YouTube video that explains everything above:

The whole thing is foldable so once you’re done with it, simply fold it and put it back inside its bag.

Now you can enjoy your road trip with your dogs!

Richard Ker

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