Pet Transport (Taxi) Service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Areas

By | December 17, 2013

Do you have a small dog, cat, rabbit or any small pet that you need to transport within the Klang Valley? Contact me right now and get your pet moved at an affordable rate!

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I used to be in the same shoes. On some days when I don’t have transportation and I need to take my pet somewhere, it’s a big hassle to find a proper transportation service that is dedicated to transport pets. Most taxi drivers will hesitate to bring in pets into their vehicles. Let’s not talk about other modes of public transportation such as KTM Komuter, LRT or busses! It’s a nightmare.

We are pleased to offer door to door pick-up and delivery for all your pet travel needs. We offer a safe, compassionate and reliable pet transport and welcome all small breeds and small types of pets.

Whether traveling locally, to a dog event, or any other destination, your pet is in the care of an experienced, trustworthy pet handler. As pet owner ourselves, we have the expertise to ensure your pet has the most comfortable, stress-free travel experience possible. Our vehicle is air-conditioned, and it’s a hybrid car which is eco-friendly.

We understand that your pet is your companion, best friend, part of your family life and you hold that very dearly to your heart so we take every precaution and steps to ensure the safety of your pet/pets that are in our care. You can be assured your pet will be treated like a family member as we focus on making sure your loved pet is treated with utmost care.

What is the rate? 

The cost of transporting your pet will be based on RM20.00 one-time handling fees. I charge a flat-rate based on the following distance:

  • Distance of 0-10km – RM40.00
  • Distance of 10km – 25km RM50.00
  • Distance of 25km – 40km RM60.00
  • Distance of 40km-60km RM70.00
  • 60km and beyond will be charged on based on RM2.50 per km.

The distance can be a single or return trip. You can use Google’s distance calculator here to estimate the transportation cost.

Additional waiting time will be counted in blocks:

  • 1-30 minutes – RM15.00
  • 30-60 minutes RM25.00


You live in KLCC and would like to go to the Animal Medical Centre in Jalan Tun Razak. Using Google’s map, the estimated distance is 5.5km. Total return distance is 11km. You spent about 23 minutes at the Animal Medical Centre.


Your total : RM50.00 (distance of 11km) + RM20.00 (handling charge) + RM15.00 (waiting time) = RM85.00.

If parking is required (we will do our best to avoid), you will have to pay for the parking as well.

There’s no surcharge if you book with us in advance. However, if you need it for the same day, there will be RM50 surcharge.

If you need an emergency service (arrive within 60 minutes at your location, subject to traffic condition), anytime of the day, the surcharge is RM100.

How do we determine the distance?

Upon agreement, we will be using Waze GPS app on our smartphone to determine the best (the fastest and/or the cheapest) route to your destination. All toll charges will need to be paid by the owner. You can also use Google maps to determine the distance.


We accept cash and may accept mobile payment soon! You can also transfer online upon completion of the service.

We understand sometimes transporting a pet can be a stressful event for both owner/pet and finding transportation that can match your needs and also your pet needs is very vital for them to remain calm and stress free. So if you’re looking for transportation for your pet, do consider our service.

Note: Due to the size of our vehicle we can only transport small to medium sized pets.

SMS or WhatsApp me right now at 010-2597946 to secure your booking!

UPDATE: Join our Facebook page here.

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