PayPal Login and Payment Issues Not Resolved As at March 8

By | March 8, 2016

On Friday March 4, PayPal users reported of getting error messages when making payment or when logging in.


Since I run a global online business, I rely on PayPal to receive payment from my clients and to send payment to my suppliers.

The issue that arised was claimed fixed by PayPal seems to have not been resolved as it continues to impact many users throughout the weekend. The most common error messages people were getting:

“Access denied – you don’t have permission to access PayPal on this server.”

“We’re having some trouble completing your request. Please try again shortly.”

I tend to notice that this issue is affecting mostly PayPal users outside of Asia as I’m still able to send payment to my suppliers in India and China. It’s just not normal not to receive payment from my US clients like I normally would.

How to Determine if there’s Outage at PayPal

Normally there are two main ways to check if there’s an issue at PayPal. Firstly it’s PayPal’s main notification website here. Another website which also tracks any outage with PayPal is downdetector.

I personally prefer the latter because there’s real people giving almost real-time feedback of the issue. I just checked it a few minutes ago and someone reported that he’s still having trouble to login into PayPal.

Sellers who encountered the technical issue on Friday were greeted with an error message when trying to access their accounts: “We’re having some trouble completing your request. Please try again shortly.”

According to EcommerceBytes, a PayPal spokesperson provided them with the following statement on Friday afternoon: “We are aware that some customers are unable to access their account. We are working on this issue and apologize for any inconvenience.”

The last major outage happened to PayPal was in October last year and looks like this is the first major one for PayPal in 2016. There’s really no quick fix for this issue, looks like we just have to sit and wait.


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