How to Pay AES Speeding Fine (Saman) in Putrajaya JPJ (Road Transport Department)

By | March 10, 2014

Are you one of the “lucky” ones who got a speeding ticket or summon by the Automated Enforcement System (AES)? Here’s how to pay it at JPJ in Putrajaya.


Just before Chinese New Year I went to KL to collect my China Visa. On the way home I was caught speeding by AES somewhere in Sungai Besi.

You will receive your fine through your mail in a white envelope. There’s a very confusing statement inside which says that you must appear before the magistrate court for a hearing. I ignored that and decide to go ahead and pay for the fine. As you know the fine for speeding is RM300. I was over by 16km/h of the 80km/h speed limit.

How to Pay your AES Speeding Fine (Saman) in Putrajaya’s JPJ

1. First of all, please be aware that there’s no payment counter at Putrajaya’s JPJ. The only way to pay your fine is using the payment machine setup by JPJ.

2. The JPJ office in Putrajaya is located at Block D4, not far from Presint 2. Use your Waze Apps and search for ‘JPJ Putrajaya’. The result that shows” Blok D4, Jabatan Pengangkutan…” is the correct one.

3. Once you’re near there, avoid going beyond the gate because you will find a hard time finding a place to park, unless if you’re there really early. If possible, find a place to park outside and walk into the complex, it will take about 5 minutes or so.

4. There’s no need to bring cash because the machine will only accept debit or credit card. Please be sure to bring your IC as you will need it for verification on the machine.

5. Once you’ve entered the office building the machines can be found behind the information counter. The person at the counter will let you know of the exact location.

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6. The user interface of the machine is straight forward but I got confused with one of the steps which I will explain below.

7. At the machine, start by touching the screen then choose your language. Let’s assume that we chose Malay for this tutorial.

8. Choose ‘Saman’ which means ‘fine’ then choose ID type. If you’re using MyKad or ID choose the top option that says “MyKad / MyPR”.

9. Insert your ID card with the ID chip facing down (this is the part where it doesn’t say) and then tap ‘Next’ or ‘Pasti’.

10. It will ask for your fingerprint. Put your thumb on the scanner when it turns red. Once scanning is done, you will hear a ‘beep’. Take out your ID and keep it safely.

11. Choose ‘Saman Terkini’ which means your latest fine. The next screen requires you to enter your car registration number. Click ‘Pasti’ or ‘Next’.

12. On this screen, you are given the choice to pay using debit or credit card. Choose appropriately and follow the on screen instructions.

13. The payment card reader is on the left of the machine. Insert your card and key-in your PIN followed by the enter button. If the payment is cleared, the machine will print out a receipt so keep it as proof of payment.

Congratulations! You’ve paid your summon!

There are other transactions you can do on the machine but I didn’t take the time to explore it.

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