New Crazy Trend in Malaysia: Group Selfies using Monopod

By | April 28, 2014

Is this a new and crazy trend happening in Malaysia right now? I can see people taking group “selfies” using this device called monopod.


Taking selfies are now officially a trend around the world including people in Malaysia. When US President Barack Obama visited Malaysia a few days ago, he also took a selfie with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. If you tune in to radio stations, you will hear a song called “Let Me Take a Selfie” playing over and over again.

There are more and more people taking photos because of convenience and technology. In the past, when digital photography still doesn’t exist, you only have a choice of bringing your 35mm film camera with you. Then you need to go through the pain of sending your films for development. In order to have them in digital format, you will need a scanner to convert your images.

Nowadays, you can take photos, apply various filters and share them to anyone in the world in less than 20 seconds. Since most smartphones now come with high resolution camera sensors, you can take high quality photos without having to bring a conventional camera with you. Everything has been made so easy and accessible to people. Many people in the world got famous overnight simply by taking selfies of themselves.


In Malaysia, the latest trend I’ve noticed is taking group selfies using a device called monopod. Simply put, this is a stick that you mount to your smartphone and you control the shutter button using a Bluetooth remote control. A few websites are selling this online for about RM50-60 each.

Will this trend subside soon or will it stay for another few months or so? I’m not a fan of this thing but I’m definitely going to start checking on remote controlled drones which come with video and camera capabilities.

image via prweb

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