is Fake So Stop Wasting Time Promoting Them

By | September 13, 2013

If you think will give you fast money online, you’re wrong. They’re fake and here are my personal reviews.



Everyone dreams of making money online. Unfortunately, making money online is not easy and it requires a lot of hard work just like your day job. However, once you’ve setup everything in place, it will get easier.

The reason I’m doing this short review is that because some of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook have started posted this link from MegaStoon. If you found this page it’s probably because you were trying to convince yourself that they’re real or trying to find more information about who these folks are.

Another reason is that because I’m currently working on making money online. It took me almost 5 years to start seeing some results so if MegaStoon promises to give you easy money right away, don’t you think that’s too good to be true? I don’t wish to write a long list so here are my keypoints why MegasStoon is fake:

  1. The website is just 4 months old, and has no solid credibility.
  2. Too many questionable graphics used on the site, there are a lot of missing images as well.
  3. I kept getting erros 503 when clicking on the links, this is usually due to capacity problems if there are too many people trying to access the website
  4. There’s no email confirmation once you’ve registered an account.
  5. A lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Again, loss of credibility.
  6. There’s a YouTube video (please search on YouTube) about someone getting paid from MegaStoon. However, there’s no proof of where the payment came from. It’s just showing an amount of money. That’s it.
  7. On a forum, someone asked for payment but MegaStoon didn’t respond at all.
  8. Compare this with Google AdSense (which pays real money!) and other pay-per-click websites as well. Contact me for more information to find out which ones I personally use.
  9. The $15 signup bonus is just a gimmick.
  10. Checkout other reviews on Google as well, mine isn’t the only one.

I hope my friends out there will stop promoting this scammer. But if they’re real please prove it that I’m wrong!

Richard Ker

I coach people and give free tips on how to make money from home, build websites that are optimised for Google and help businesses market their products/services online. Follow me on Twitter @richardker.

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