Maybank2u Online is Experiencing Major Systems Outage

By | November 25, 2014

Having trouble accessing Maybank2u? You’re not alone. What’s actually happening?


I’ve been trying to access my account since this morning but all I get is DNS error, system down or simply stuck on the spinning wheel. I know this is quite a major one because the business hours have ended and the problem is still not fixed. Upon checking Maybank’s Twitter account, you can see that Maybank is acknowledging the issue and working hard to fix it:

@frhdila Maaf, kami sedang memperbaiki isu2 dengan M2U secepat mungkin.

@elletonz It’s experiencing some connectivity issues at the moment. We’re working on it now.

@ngoonee Apologies for the inconveniences, we’re working on it urgently.

#mbbflash We’re aware of the issues with M2U. We’re working on it urgently. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

@syukcreenz We understand your frustration. Our sincere apology.

It seems people are venting their frustrations directly to Maybank’s Twitter account and on their Facebook account as well as shown in the embedded post below:

A few months ago, Maybank upgraded the User Interface (UI) of Maybank2u but that was a major disaster. Many users were not able to perform any transaction on the website. In the end, Maybank rolled back the upgrade and stayed with the current one.

Despite earning record breaking profits, Maybank isn’t able to maintain at least 99% uptime for their website. It’s usually bad on Monday mornings when most people are at work after the weekend and need to do their banking online. I wonder what’s the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) when their website is down? What’s the service level within their IT department? I’m no expert but this issue seems to be recurring.

The new Maybank2u app is great, however, occasionally I would get service is not available error when attempting to login to my Maybank account on my iPhone. Whenever this happens, I would go straight to their website and do everything from there. The mobile version of Maybank2u (not the app) is now outdated and would require some upgrades.

Unfortunately, we can only wait until the problem is fully resolved.

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