iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Prices and Release Dates in Malaysia

By | September 11, 2013

Thinking of getting the latest iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c in Malaysia? While there’s still no official release date and price announcement, here’s my prediction.



The official launch of Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c brought mixed feelings to many people. Some were disappointed due to ‘lack of innovation’ from Apple while Apple fans were delighted because Apple continues to bring more “fun” features on the iPhone especially the iPhone 5c.


It was speculated that the iPhone 5c was supposed to be a budget iPhone. However, it was all media hype. In the US, an unlocked or contract-free 16GB iPhone 5c will be priced at US$549.00. At the current exchange rate, it will be around RM1800.00. Here are my other possible predictions for the prices:

  • iPhone 5s 64GB $849.00 = approx. RM2799.00
  • iPhone 5s 32GB $749.00 = approx. RM2499.00
  • iPhone 5s 16GB $649.00 = approx. RM 2199.00
  • iPhone 5c 32GB $649.00 = approx. RM2199.00

The planned released date for iPhone 5s and 5c for USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, China and Singapore is September 20th which is just about 10 days away. However, for Malaysia and other countries it will be probably be available by December. Looks like it’s possible for you to get it earlier from Singapore although there’s a huge possibility that it will run out of stock on the same day.

I’m not really an Apple iPhone fan but since I run an online business fixing and unlocking iPhones, it’s essential for me to know about this stuff. If you ever need an advice about iPhones, feel free to contact me or ask question on the Facebook page.

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