How to Reduce Your TNB Electricity Bill to Under RM100 per Month

By | July 26, 2015

Consuming too much electricity? These tips may help reduce your bill to under RM100 per month.


With the rising cost, the last thing you would like to see is a costly electricity bill. When I purchased my home last year, I’ve already decided to spend more on the appliances in order to save money in the long run.

Before I share my tips, please take note of the current tariff set by TNB:

First 200 kWh is RM0.218

Next 100 kWh is RM0.334

Next 300 kWh is RM0.516

Subsidy by Federal Government RM35.61

My tips are only applicable if you’re moving to a new

1. Install only LED Lights

This is one of the best tips I can give if you’re moving to a new house and no lights have been installed yet. LED lights are cheap, easy to install, responsive and should last for a long time. I paid for around RM15-18 per light.

2. Invest on 5-star energy rating inverter air-conditioners

In a tropical and humid climate like Malaysia, you’ll need at least one unit of air-conditioner installed in your home. Although inverter air-conditioners are costlier than conventional air-conditioners, in the long run you’ll be able to save thousands of Ringgit. I personally like Panasonic Econavi units. I managed to get a good deal from Jintex Electronics in Petaling Jaya. There are other popular brands of energy saving air-conditioners like Daikin (formerly York), Sharp, LG and Samsung.

3. Set room temperature to 24-26°C

I used to live overseas but prior to that, I have very little understanding of the temperature concept. This is probably why many office buildings or shopping malls in Malaysia are very cold because the temperature is set under 20°C. You should consider setting your air-conditioner around 24-26°C because if you set it to 17°C, your air-conditioner will need to work extremely hard to reach this temperature and it will reduce its life span.

4. Install solar-powered water heater

Hot water shower is great to have but most people would opt for the instant water heater. Although they don’t cost a lot but they consume a lot of energy. I also don’t like the fact that there’s always a risk of electrocution with this device in the shower. The one installed in my home runs solely on solar except for the control panel which allows me I’m allows me to monitor the temperature and water level.

5. Use the stove to heat water for drinking

Although electric kettle is convenient, they consume quite a lot of power. Heating water using gas is more cost effective. However, if you don’t have a choice, heat up only the amount of water you need to use.

6. Turn off the lights and switches

Having all energy saving devices is useless if you’re not sensible when using them. Turn off the lights and switches when you’re not using them. Some devices like air-conditioner can programmed to turn off at certain times.

7. Use natural light

Most modern homes are designed to allow natural light to enter. My home was designed like this so there’s no need for me to use the light during the day.

These are just some of my tips to make my electricity bill under RM100 per month but they may not be applicable for everyone. If you have any energy saving tip, please share them below!

Richard Ker

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  • Fabian

    The solar energy-powered water heater only for on those who live at landed houses, and it’s pricey also….
    If the the aircon temp. to 26℃ can really keep the electric bill to under RM100?
    And normally we can’t see a 5-star rated on the non-inverter aircon lol

    • Kaien Lim

      i think no much different on Inverter air-cond if you only use 3 hrs a day, better just stick to those non-inverter air-cond with energy saving function.

      • Fabian

        Ohh…okay, so now i should choose a suitable non-inverter type AC
        So which brand should be the optimum choice?
        @disqus_yEQkqBdXR2:disqus York good?

      • Menda Mong

        do u know which brand or model with non-inverter and energy saving function better ? cz there are so many brand , so hard to decide which one is better and affordable

        • Nur Alwani

          if you want aircond with energy saving function, you can try york. its performance was very satiesfied and amazing.. i had been using for a lon time and i didnt have intentions to change it.

    • jolintay

      haha, i think inverter air-cond more suitable to office users, use at least 6 hrs a day only can save electric. my office usually use 8 hrs per day, sometime more than that, that’s y my boss buy York Premium Inverter air-cond, he prefer this model becoz can switch to quiet mode in meeting room too.

  • Kachipa Lam

    My electric bill is maintain under 150 per month with 8 hours air-cond usage daily.
    3 simple trick~
    1) set on timer for sleep mode
    2) pick inverter air cond
    3) do not switch it off when you are leaving home for less than half hours. As air cond required high voltage to start up… Hence, bills increased.

    • Kaien Lim

      but inverter air-cond only suitable for those long hrs users, my mum ever change her hse air-cond to inverter one but didnt see the difference on bills because she only use air-cond 4 hrs a day.

      • Bobby

        Which mean the inverter type is just suitable for long hour Air-cond user ? then for those using normal model how to save more ? i don’t think the tricks or tips are helping tho

        • jesslee

          normally i will check whether the air-cond got energy efficiency label or not. i only buy those air-cond with at least 3 star label. last month i bought a new York air-cond R410A, that one quite ok because got energy saving function and can switch to quiet mode.

          • Fabian

            Hmmm…. If York is good, Then I should consider this brand of ac
            How about another functions?

          • Katie Day

            you will have no regret using this aircond..the advantage of york, you dont need to worry about high electricity consumption because its offer energy saving function…

          • Badrul Amin

            Ya, I agree with you. I am using this brand too and very satisfied with the function.

          • Badrul Amin

            There are also have quiet mode, air surround and more function. I am using this brand 3 years already. It is not bad, you can consider to buy this.

          • Badrul Amin

            My air-cond also use this models, it is really save the energy. After change the new air-cond, my electric bill cheaper than before ady.

          • Blake Adams

            the model that you bought with those energy saving is for long hour or for like use 3-4 hours a day ?

      • jesslee

        that’s y if just use less than 6 hrs a day, no need to buy inverter air-cond which is more expensive, buy a non inverter air-cond will do. non inverter air-cond nowdays also very gd in energy saving and has multiple function.
        my hse air-cond also non inverter one, but comes with energy saving and can purifier air. i think that is enough for me,

      • Harish Kumar Krishnan

        Actually even if use for 2 hours the inverter will save you 20% of electric. This is becose the stop start function on the normal compraser takes up.more energy then the continues running inverter which maintane the temp better.also inveter last longer for its smooth running style..but u need to make sure u are using the right hp for your room size and its best to cover ur window with aome.good curtain so that the sunglight dnt heat up your room to much

  • Bobby

    Personally i think these tips are sucks , you know ah solar power heater can cost so much a ….so i think this make no different in term of saving

  • Syafiqah Aida

    any types just same. maybe just a little difference in specs. but i do agree with no2.. the aircond with this function will reduce our daily energy usage.

  • hitam putih

    i also had go through costly electricity bill.. but within Malaysia’s eternal hot and humid weather, aircond is a must thing.. instead of worrying the high electricity consumption, try to find the brand that offer energy saving..

  • Ben Pesto

    for those who wanna prevent from high consumption of electricity while using aircond, you’re must try york. york come with energy saving and for those who had asthma, york is the best because it has ion purifier that made you breathe fresher and healthier air.