How to Pay Utility Bills Online using JomPAY on Maybank2u

By | October 28, 2015

Here’s another easy way for you to pay your utility bills online using JomPAY on Maybank2u website.


Life is so much easier nowadays because you can do pretty much anything over the internet. You no longer have to spend time queuing up at the post office to pay for your bills (for some reason there are still people out there who still queue up to pay their bills).

I’ve read about this new bill payment service called JomPAY but I wasn’t aware or wanted to explore more about this service until I received my latest water bill.

How to identify if your bill can be paid using JomPAY?

On my water bill beginning this month, I noticed there’s a JomPAY logo on the bill so I decided to try this service.

How to Pay Utility Bills Online using JomPAY on Maybank2u?

1. Login to your Maybank2u account like you normally do.

2. Then click on Bill Payment on the left navigation bar.

3. You will see JomPAY on the second row, third column of the matrix.

4. Click on Make a one-off payment.

5. Enter the amount you want to pay, and choose from which account. If you have a credit card with Maybank you can choose to pay using credit card as well.

6. Biller code can be found on the bill and be sure to enter the Ref-1 number correctly.

7. Check on ‘I hereby agree…’ and click Continue.

8. Request TAC number and the 6 digit TAC number will be delivered to your registered mobile number via SMS.

9. Click Confirm to complete the payment.

You’ll have the option to add the biller into your favourite.

Do note that Bill Payment via JomPAY is not eligible for TreatsPoints.

It’s so easy that you no longer have to queue up to settle any of your utility bills.

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