How to Avoid Being Cheated by Airport Taxi Operator at KLIA

By | September 2, 2015

If you’re taking a taxi from KLIA, read this to avoid being cheated or scammed.


Taxi services in Malaysia have the reputation of being the worst in the region. I think I only took the taxi once this year, and that was via MyTeksi.

I was on my Facebook today and saw someone shared a post written by Mr Raj Kumar Paramanathan below:


If you travel via KLIA2 and book a taxi on arrival, most times without asking, the taxi staff behind the counter will quote you the rate for premium taxi. When questioned their immediate excuse is no more budget taxis.

Today I insisted its alright i will wait. The staff was unhappy and pretended to ask her colleague if there is any taxi and winked her eye.

Then her excuse was she was given instruction from the gate that only premium taxis shall be sold. I challenged her and asked “instruction? Can I check?” She sighed. I said its alright just give me ur budget taxi.

At this point she was clearly upset and warned the fare is not refundable. As I am used to their tricks, I said its okay just give me the ticket. I also took note of the counter number while talking to her.

Nevertheless, I ended by thanking her, ignoring her sour face.

To my surprise there were 11 budget taxis waiting at the gate! I made it a point to talk to the taxi staff outside “why did ur staff BLUFF me there are no taxis?”

He then mumbled oh there were none these just came in.

Reeallly? I then got into the taxi and asked the same. The poor taxi driver told me that there are “internal dealings” between the staff and owners of premium taxi drivers to push for their taxis.

He said small timers like us wait for hours for passengers. This is disgusting! Imagine the number of tourists who are being cheated! And our own people!

If you want to make a change, please share this message with your friends.

There are several ways the staff try to cheat a sale. They will ask how many passengers and how many luggages and push for a bigger vehicle OR outright bluff there are no budget taxis available.

Just insist firmly you want a budget taxi. That scares them off. Dont be ignorant, be informed. Stop corruption, start acting.

On my part, I will make a report with Malaysia Airports Berhad and copy to the Minister and the dailies.

The original post (embedded Facebook post) is shown below:

Public service message: DONT GET CHEATED BY TAXI COUNTER STAFF IN KLIA2. if you travel via KLIA2 and book a taxi on…

Posted by Raj Kumar Paramanathan on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Please do share this information with your friends on Facebook, as people need to be aware the modus operandi of these operators.

[image via The Star]

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