How to Add a Channel to Favourite for Astro Software Version 2014/15

By | October 27, 2014

Astro updated their software a few months ago and the quick method of adding your favourite channel using the red button is no longer available. Here’s the new way to do it.


I subscribe to some HD, documentary and movie channel packages on Astro so I only need to access these channels. In order to do this you can actually add them to your favourite channels. When I got my Astro more than a year ago, it was still using the previous software version.

When you switch channel on the old software version you can see the option of adding a particular channel simply by pressing the red button on your Astro remote. To remove it, simply press the red button again. A few months back, Astro updated the Operating System (OS) on the decoder box and I noticed that function is no longer available.

I searched on Astro’s website but couldn’t find it so I took the time to play around with the remote and found out how to do it.

How to Add a Channel to Favourite for Astro Software Version 2014/2015

1. On the remote press on TV button.

2. You will see the channel list and whatever programs are playing right now or in the next hours or so.

3. Choose the channel you wish to add to favourite by pressing up or down button.

4. Once the channel is selected, press the Fav button on the remote.

5. The channel becomes a ‘Favourite’ if you see a heart or love icon. To remove, simply repeat the steps above.

For your convenience I shot a YouTube video of the whole process! You can watch it below.

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