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By | January 9, 2014

Many small business owners do not have the time to update their online marketing activities and presence in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Hire me and I will do these for you.


A social media specialist’s job is to help this small business promote its products and services and assist it in boosting its presence online. If you own a small or medium business, you should not ignore the power of Social Media such as Facebook.

Currently, there are almost 14 millions Facebook users in Malaysia. That’s almost half of the country’s population. Having an online presence also helps sell your products and services beyond the borders of Malaysia.

Why should you hire a Social Media Specialist or Social Media Manager?

Since social media is continuously evolving, you may have to update yourself often on current technologies. Although social media is gaining popularity among Internet users, there are still some companies who do not understand its ability to help them boost their sales.

Getting a large number of Likes on your Facebook page is not that challenging, but you need to devise a plan on how to amass targeted followers based on your products and services.

I can help determine your followers with the same interests and hobbies so that they are more likely to buy your products or services. This is also called Digital Marketing and many big enterprises and corporations have started using this type of service.

I currently own and/or manage these Facebook pages and groups:

Why Should You Hire Me?

I am a Social Media Scientist in which I analyse customers’ behaviours, find ways on how to optimise posts on social media and help increase engagement and increase sales leads for businesses.

A few months ago, I wrote a Facebook post called ’25 Malaysian Heroes of 2016′ which was shared more than 7,100 times. See below:

Email me at contact@lifeinmy.com or call 010-2597946 for a free quote right now so that we can start boosting your online presence!

Richard Ker

I coach people and give free tips on how to make money from home, build websites that are optimised for Google and help businesses market their products/services online. Follow me on Twitter @richardker.

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