How to Help Find Missing Flight MH370 from your Home or Office

By | March 12, 2014

Currently no one knows the fate of flight MH370 after it went missing for the past 5 days. Here’s how you can help locate it from your home or office.


Many of us are feeling helpless as we are hoping that we can do something to help find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that vanished off from radar on March 8. Frustrations are mounting because so far there isn’t a single sign of where the plane may be.

If you have a spare time at home or office, go to or click the link here to find out how you can help locate the plane.

Digital maps captured by DigitalGlobe are made available online for public viewing. They are trying to use the power of ‘crowdsourcing’ by asking people from all over the world to participate by tagging any object you see on the map that may help generate a clue on finding the lost aircraft.

How to Help Find Missing Flight MH370 from your Home or Office?

1. Go to this website or copy and paste the following web address onto your browser:

2. Read the instructions displayed on the website. Simply tag if you see any oil slick, wreckage, raft or any suspicious looking object.

3. Don’t forget to click Sign Up on the top right corner of the page so that your effort is tracked.

Please share this on your Facebook or Twitter because this is our chance to help!

Hopefully everyone and can join in to help search for the plane. In the meantime let’s continue to hope and pray that it will be found.

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