How to Get to Low Cost Carriers (LCC) Terminal KLIA2

By | April 29, 2014

Ready for your next travel? Here’s how to get to Kuala Lumpur’s newest Low Cost Carrier (LCC) terminal called KLIA2.


After a number of delays, Kuala Lumpur’s newest Low Cost Carriers (LCC) terminal which is called the KLIA2 is set to open and operate from May 9, 2014. The new airport will be the world’s one and only airport built for low cost carriers.

The old LCCT near KLIA which was built a few years ago is overcrowded and operating beyond its capacity. Based on my experience, it’s really awful and stressful to travel in that airport. One of the worst experiences is the long queue. I also noticed that the computer systems at the check-in counters are not fitted with any backup power supply system. Hopefully, all of the bad experience will disappear with the new KLIA2.

How to Get to KLIA2?

1. KLIA Ekspres (Express) or Express Rail Link (ERL)

At the old terminal, there’s no direct way to reach it by KLIA Ekspres (Express) train. You have to get off at Salak Tinggi which is not too far from the airport and then change to a shuttle bus to take you to the airport. With the new LCC terminal KLIA2, the express train will take you to the heart of KLIA2, minus the hassle.


The train is one of my favourite mode of transportation in KL because of its efficiency, cleanliness, punctuality and it comes with a free WiFi service on board. The fare is RM35 from KL Sentral and takes about 33 minutes. If you’re already at KLIA main terminal, you can still take the train to KLIA2 for RM2 (adult) or RM1 (child).

2. Coach/Bus

I believe most coaches from KL Sentral will continue to operate normally and depart from the same places around Kuala Lumpur.

3. Drive

If you usually drive to LCCT via the Dengkil/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya highway, there’s no need to change your route! Keep driving until you reach the KLIA/LCCT roundabout – instead of turning left (first exit), take the 3pm exit (third exit), keep left and drive along the highway that leads you to the main KLIA terminal. You will see an exit that leads to KLIA2. It’s pretty simple and all signboards should be put up pretty soon.

As a reminder, the new terminal will start operating from May 9, 2014. So please plan ahead to ensure a smooth journey and travel!

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video via Ayzek Azimov

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