How to Get Cheap Air Asia X Premium Flatbed Seat

By | April 17, 2014

Wanna travel in supreme comfort and style? These tips may help you get cheap Air Asia X Premium Flatbed seat.

airasia_flatbedAir Asia is known for no-frills airline or low-cost airline which allows you to travel cheap. However, you can still fly Air Asia X’s premium flatbed seat without burning a big hole in your wallet.

Firstly, is the Air Asia X flatbed really worth it? Speaking from experience, yes, totally. You may not get the same experience like full fledged airlines, but it still gives you comfort and almost stress-free travel. I am writing these tips based on my flying experience from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and vice versa so the information which I’m about to share with you may not be applicable on other sectors.

The seat can be fully reclined and turned into a “flatbed”, has its own power socket, reading light. You can sleep peacefully and comfortably throughout the flight and wake up fresh at your destination.

How to Get Cheap Air Asia X Premium Flatbed Seat

1. If you have your own business like me and has flexible daily schedule, you can take advantage of off-peak ticket prices offered by Air Asia X. Otherwise, try your best to take your holidays during off-peak season. Go to Air Asia’s website and choose your flight.

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2. If possible, try to get the Low Fare flight offer. Sometimes the price can get below RM300 for KL to Beijing flight. In the example below, this fare is still considered “cheap.”


2. If you’re OK with the price go ahead and make your reservation. Do not choose any baggage allowance, food, seat selection etc to keep the cost down. Any seat in the premium flatbed is the same but I believe you can choose this later. Insurance is optional.

3. Complete checkout and you’ll get your email confirmation as you normally would. Another important email that you should be expecting is the one from AirAsia Reservations ( This email is normally sent the day after you booked your flight.

4. In this email you should see an offer from Optiontown, Air Asia’s partner, which allows you to upgrade your seat at nominal fee. Go ahead and click the related link.

optiontown_airasiax5. The normal charge for the upgrade is about US$80, which is equivalent to about RM240. If you compare the price shown above, you will save about RM170-180 for the same ticket! You have the option to pay using PayPal as well.

6. Once you have made the payment, it will take at least 48 hours before Optiontown sends you an email confirmation for the upgrade. This is probably the downside because sometimes it can get you anxious especially if you haven’t bought any additional baggage allowance with the original ticket.

Nonetheless, the tips above will definitely allow you to travel cheaper on Air Asia X’s Premium Flatbed, and you can use the additional savings to shop or dine at your destination. Oh, when you’re checking-in at the airport, you can skip the queues and head straight to the Premium counter.

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