Fuel (Petrol) Prices for RON97, RON95 and Diesel from December 1

By | November 29, 2014

The Malaysian government is lifting the fuel subsidy beginning December 1, 2014. Here are the prices.


Beginning December 1, 2014, Malaysians will no longer enjoy subsidised fuel given by the Malaysian government. The prices will be floated based on the actual global oil price.

According to the circulation shown above, the good news is that fuel prices are going down at least for now.

Here are the latest prices:

  • RON97 – RM 2.46 per litre – reduction of RM0.09
  • RON95 – RM 2.26 per litre – reduction of RM0.04
  • Diesel – RM 2.23 per litre – up by RM0.03

Although the reduction is not significant, each cent can translate into millions of Ringgit for the government. Do you think it’s better this way?

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