Fish-eating ‘Spinosauridae’ Dinosaur Fossil Found in Pahang, Malaysia

By | February 18, 2014

This is one of the best news for natural history lovers in Malaysia! The first ever dinosaur fossil has been discovered in Malaysia.


The Star reported this morning that the fossil remains of fish-eating dinosaur called Spinosauridae was discovered in the interiors of Pahang, Malaysia.

Spinosauridae dinosaurs are believed to have existed in the Mesozoic era, specifically from the Cretaceous period between 65 million and 145.5 million years ago. This type of dinosaur is a particular family of carnivorous dinosaurs characterised by its elongated, crocodile-like skulls with conical teeth that had either very tiny or with no serrations.

Experts from Tokyo’s Waseda University Associate Professor Dr Masatoshi Sone and Professor Ren Hirayama identified the fossils.

Back in 2011, another spinosauridae fossil had also been discovered in Australia.

It is exciting to know that dinosaurs did once roam in Malaysia, and the possibility of dinosaurs used to exist in Sabah could be true too.

Universiti Malaya is scheduled to unveil the evidence today.

Image via deviantart

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