Ever Wonder Why Bras Aren’t Sold at Malaysia’s Victoria’s Secret Stores?

By | December 27, 2014

If you’ve been to Victoria’s Secret stores in Malaysia, you might wonder why you can’t find a single bra sold there. Today I was able to found out why.


Currently there are about 15 Victoria’s Secret stores in Malaysia (all in Peninsula) but not one single store sells any of their brassieres. You can find perfumes and fragrances, lotions and panties but not a single bra in sight.

My wife has also been asking the same question, so when I was accompanying her today, I took the courage to find out for her (I was curious too).


I spoke to one of the salesgirls and she mentioned that the Victoria’s Secret in Malaysia is actually a Beauty and Accessories store. It’s not exactly an inner-wear or lingerie store like the ones you can find all over America.

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She didn’t say exactly why but I believe this has something to do with the licensing or the rights to resell.

I did a bit of research on my own and discovered that the VS stores in Malaysia are managed and owned by The Valiram Group:

The Valiram Group, established in Kuala Lumpur in 1935, has grown from a textile merchant into a conglomerate of luxury and lifestyle brands, placing the company as one of the most prestigious specialist retailers in Southeast Asia today.

In the US, Victoria’s Secret is owned by L Brands Inc. (formerly known as Limited Brands Inc and The Limited Inc.) which is an American fashion retailer based in Columbus, Ohio.

I don’t know much about the retail industry but as I’ve mentioned earlier, The Valiram Group is probably licensed to sell everything else except bras or lingeries.


Anyway, this is probably not the 100% answer you’ve been looking for but at least it gives you some ideas on why you’re not able to find any bra at Victoria’s Secret stores in Malaysia. If you’re looking for something similar, La Senza is a good alternative. Xixili also has good range of lingeries.

By the way, according to salesgirl I spoke to, the store in Dubai is a full Victoria’s Secret store. She’s right (go ahead and search for it on Google).

I can now sleep in peace from tonight. 🙂

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[photo of model via Victoria’s Secret]

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    Hi Richard, I was wondering the same too and with valentine day just round the corner I was really looking forward to surprising my wife with a cool Victoria Secret bra. LA senza for some reason doesn’t provide the oomph factor. Anyways I finally decided to buy it from their USA Web Store but the shipping charges are a killer. My friend found out through Instagram some guy who sells Victoria Secret bras locally (I suppose he orders it from dubai) it turned out to be cost effective but the choices are very few, fortunately I was able to find one as per my liking. It’s been two days since I placed the order with that guy. I’m expecting the courier today :), cheers.