District 21 Theme Park IOI City Mall Putrajaya Promo Price (Big Discounts!)

By | December 19, 2014

Eager to try the new District 21 indoor park at IOI City Mall Putrajaya? You should because there’s a special discount, and this promo is for a limited time only.


Just a few weeks ago, the newest shopping mall in the South of Kuala Lumpur in Putrajaya called IOI City Mall was just opened. Inside it is the home to the newest and largest post-apocalyptic indoor theme park called District 21.

There are a total of eleven attractions within District 21 which I have briefly introduced in my previous blog post: What’s Inside the District 21 Indoor Park at IOI City Mall Putrajaya? If you’re already familiar of what the park has to offer, perhaps you should be excited to know that they’re currently offering discounted ticket prices!

The marketing folks from District 21 was kind enough to contact me today and provided additional details about the park such as rules and regulations, promo price and opening hours.

Promotion Price and Discount Package at District 21 IOI City Mall Putrajaya

We all love promotion or discounts, don’t we? Well, the folks at District 21 is proud to announce that they are currently running a promotion.

Active Pass 1 – RM 75.00/pax RM55.00/pax
Active Pass 2 – F.O.C.
Non-Active Pass – F.O.C

Do you have 4 people in your group? There’s a buy 3 get 1 free which is only selling for RM165.00. That means a total saving of RM135 from the original price. This is simply too good to ignore! Please note the price is for 4 x Active Pass 1 and they must be redeemed within the same date of purchase.

If you’re not sure what Active Pass and Non-Active Pass are – here’s an explanation – if you’re there to enjoy all the attractions – you need to buy an Active Pass. If you’re there just to accompany your kids or friends, you need to get a Non-Active Pass to be inside the park.

Rules and Regulations for Attractions at District 21

Contrary to what I’ve mentioned before, there’s no age limit to enter or enjoy the park, but rather there’s height and weight limitation. Each attraction has different requirements and rules, so for your safety, please be sure to read ahead!

1. The Carousel


2. The Freefall


3. Go Pedal (updating…)

4. Launch Pad  (updating…)

5. Power Station  (updating…)

6. Pump Track  (updating…)

7. Roller Glider  (updating…)

8. Sky Trail  (updating…)

9. Maze  (updating…)

10. Tubby Ride  (updating…)

Read the rules? Great! Now take note of the current opening hours.

Until further notice, the park is open from 10am to 8pm daily, not 10pm as I wrote in my previous blog post! Be sure to be there at the right time so that you can enjoy all the available attractions.

Special thanks to the staff of District 21 for this great information.

[images of rules of District 21 attractions are courtesy of District 21]

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