How to Collect Your Car from Sabah or Sarawak at North Port in Klang

By | January 25, 2014

Did you ship your car from Sabah or Sarawak to Peninsula Malaysia and need to collect it at North Port in Klang? I hope this simple guide will help you.


My best friend from Sabah who has been working in Penang had his parents’ car shipped from Labuan a few weeks ago. He came from Penang and I accompanied him to collect the car from North Port in Klang. We thought that it’s going to be really straightforward but then again it wasn’t, especially the part where you need to locate the vehicle collection centre.

If you’re anywhere in the Klang Valley, simply follow the sign board where it says Klang/North Port. Once you’re near there, you will reach an intersection where you’ll see a couple of highway ramps (flyovers). Be sure to take the one that goes to the right which should say North Port 2 (if I remember correctly).


Keep going until you see a huge vehicle inspection station as shown above. Vehicles are free to pass so there’s no need to stop. Drive straight and you’ll see a small roundabout. Take the third exit (3 o’clock) and continue straight on the main road. You’ll see a few junctions but just ignore them.

Finally, there’s a security checkpoint where you definitely have to stop and register. Show them your ID and any other related document (if any).

Once you’ve passed security clearance – here’s the tricky part – just drive about 50m and make a U-turn to your left. The vehicle collection centre is almost parallel with the security checkpoint.


After making the U-turn you will see a bunch of monstrous container cranes on your right. You’ll reach your destination after that. There’s a small office on your left and hundreds of cars parked there waiting to be collected. There were imported cars mainly imported by car dealers, and of course, cars from Sabah and Sarawak.


Your contact person will let you inspect your car, sign a bunch of documents and hand you a copy of vehicle collection slip which you must surrender to the security checkpoint after collecting your car.

If you think I miss any important information please let me know! Otherwise I hope this guide is helpful to make the collection process as smooth as possible.

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