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100 Malaysian Heroes of 2016 Who Will Inspire You in 2017

2016 has been a challenging year but at the same time these are the people who beat the odds and made Malaysia proud. Find out who they are here. I curated the list a few months ago when Malaysia was winning a bunch of medals during the Rio Olympics. However, this list doesn’t just highlight […]

What’s this Internet Term ‘Gomen’ Often Used in Malaysia?

You often see this word being used on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. Find out what it means here. Whenever I’m on Facebook, I’ll see tons of political related posts on my newsfeed. Politic is an extremely popular topic in Malaysia right now. If it’s politics then it means it’s government related. […]

AirAsia is Currently Testing In-Flight WiFi for Passengers

Nothing to do on your flight? That might change soon as AirAsia is currently testing in-flight for passengers. In-flight WiFi is not really new as many major airlines around the world have started providing in-flight to their customers. However, AirAsia could be the first budget airline in Asia to offer such service. According to the […]