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How Do People Make Money from Home in Kuala Lumpur?

Living in Kuala Lumpur can be tough due to ever rising cost of living. If you’ve been thinking of getting extra income from home, here are some possible ways on how to do it. Getting an additional income aside from your monthly salary will help in many ways. This is why many people are trying […]

How to Upload Big Video File on iPhone to YouTube without Computer

Just shot a long video on your iPhone and need to upload to YouTube without using a computer? This painless method will help and you won’t even need to use your computer. I was shooting a video at a housing area yesterday and wanted to share the video via YouTube with someone overseas. Since many […]

This RM0.10 DIY Solution Will Make Your Car Headlights Like New Again

If your car’s headlights have turned dull and ugly due to Malaysia’s heat, there’s still a way to fix this – and it will cost you almost nothing. Based on my observation, this seems to be a common problem with many cars in Malaysia especially with older Proton and Perodua cars. Replacing the whole headlights […]