Be Careful of Cheating Petrol Station Operators in Malaysia

By | November 3, 2013

How many litres of RON95 petrol should you get when you pay for a certain amount of money? Well, you should check because some petrol stations adjusted their pumps to cheat consumers.


This news was highlighted on Facebook and other news sites as some people found out they were cheated. The price they paid for petrol didn’t match with the amount of fuel they should be getting.

Please use the list below to give you a fairly accurate estimate on how much fuel should go into your vehicle for the amount of money you paid. This is for RON95 petrol only:

RM10 — 4.762 Liter
RM20 — 9.524 Liter
RM30 — 14.286 Liter
RM40 — 19.048 Liter
RM50 — 23.810 Liter
RM60 — 28.571 Liter
RM70 — 33.333 Liter
RM80 — 38.095 Liter
RM90 — 42.857 Liter
RM100 — 47.619 Liter
RM110 — 52.381 Liter
RM120 — 57.143 Liter
RM130 — 51.905 Liter
RM150 — 61.905 Liter
RM160 — 76.190 Liter
RM170 — 80.952 Liter
RM180 — 85.714 Liter
RM190 — 90.476 Liter
RM200 — 95.238 Liter

Fuel prices in Malaysia were increased not too long ago so getting cheated by petrol stations operators will make it even more challenging to cope up with rising costs of living in Malaysia!

So be careful when re-fueling, always double check the correct the pump metre just to make sure. You should share this with your friends and family.

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