Buy Various Wood Products at a Kedai Papan (Kayu) in Dengkil

By | June 27, 2015

If you live in Putrajaya or Cyberjaya, you can buy processed wood at a shop in Dengkil. Get more details below.


My home renovation is still ongoing so I wanted to get a plywood. A friend of mine who lives in Dengkil told me that there’s actually a shop I can go to in Dengkil. It’s such a relief because I don’t have to travel so far to get it. Plus, the plywood is quite big and I won’t have enough space to fit it into my car.

The name of the wood shop is ‘Kedai Papan Yew Chuan’ located just a few kilometres away from Dengkil town. You won’t be able to find it on Waze but I can roughly tell you the location.

If you’re travelling from Cyberjaya/Putrajaya take the exit that leads to Putrajaya – Dengkil road shown below (see Dengkil exit):


Keep driving until you go pass one traffic light. When you see CIMB Bank, make a U-turn at the traffic light. Drive a few hundred metres you will see the wood shop on your left (red dot below):


I bought this piece of plywood below for RM40 including GST.


They sell other types of processed woods so it’s extremely ideal place if you happen to look for a kedai papan (wood shop). Since I can’t make a price comparison, I’m not sure if the prices there are reasonable or not.

Good luck in finding this shop!

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  • kovu 89

    Hello, I was wondering, do you know if the shop accept any custom order to build an item from the woods? Thanks! 🙂