How to Buy or Purchase Online from IKEA Malaysia

By | May 19, 2014

If you live outside of Klang Valley, you may find it troublesome to buy something online from IKEA. Here’s how I can help you.

UPDATE: Due to increasing number of orders, I have setup a dedicated website for this service. Please go to this website.

We all love stuff from IKEA but sadly many people are not able to get them because there’s only one IKEA store in the whole of Malaysia. While most major retailers provide online shopping facilities, I’m quite surprised that IKEA Malaysia doesn’t have any online store.


Here’s how I can help you. I will be your personal shopper to help you shop whatever items you need from IKEA Malaysia.

Let me do all the hard work while you place your orders online, submit your shopping list to me and you wait for your items to arrive at your chosen destination.

What are my charges?

UPDATE: Please go to my dedicated website here:

My fees cover transportation, time and all necessary services to get your items delivered to your doorstep.

There are two pricing tiers for my charges:

(a) Total Order Price of under RM200.00

Fees: RM59.00 (go to to see promo price – the pricing here is outdated)


Total purchase price at IKEA RM179.00

Total amount due: RM179.00 + RM59.00 + delivery/courier charges to your address (IKEA charges RM75 for anywhere within the KL/Selangor (Klang Valley).

(b) Total Order Price of over RM200.00

Fees: RM59.00 + 7% surcharge (go to to see promo price – the pricing here is outdated)


Total purchase price at IKEA RM345.00

Total amount due: RM345.00 + RM59.00 + RM24.15 (7% surcharge) + delivery/courier charges to your address


If the item you wish to order is not available, I will refund right away.


When do I shop?

I visit the IKEA store in Damansara on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes on weekends. If you need something urgently there will be RM50.00 express fees.

Why do I provide this service?

I understand that there’s a growing demand for IKEA’s products around the country but unfortunately IKEA has only one store in Malaysia (but will open in Penang in the future) and you don’t have the option to buy them on IKEA’s website.

Since I am currently running an online business from home, I have some free time available to provide this service to those who need it.

Why should you use my service?

  • Save time = time is money!
  • No need to drive therefore save fuel
  • Avoid queuing
  • No need to pay toll, parking etc.
  • No stress!

How can you start shopping online for IKEA’s products?

It’s easy, simply browse the online catalog here, add your items to the shopping list and email the list to I’ll be in touch with you to finalize your orders. Watch my YouTube below on how to do it fast and easy:

Alternatively, you can send your order list to

Please provide as much details as possible to make sure your orders will be processed correctly.

If you need more details please feel free to leave your comments below, SMS/whatsapp me at +6010-2597946 or email I speak fluent Malay, English and Mandarin.

UPDATE: Due to increasing number of orders and businesses, I have setup a dedicated website for this service. Please go to now!

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