Where to Buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus before Official Malaysia Launch

By | September 25, 2014

If you’re eager to get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus before the official launch date in Malaysia, here are some places where you can get it.


iPhone fans in Malaysia behold! It is possible to get your hands on the latest iPhone prior to the official launch date in Malaysia. There’s no official launch date mentioned yet but it should be fairly soon. If you’re really desperate and have extra cash to spare, you can leave home and get one after you read this blog post.

Over the past few days, I’ve been checking a few places around the Klang Valley. Yes, the iPhone 6/6+ are already available for purchase in the grey market! Some sellers at the electronics section of Sunway Pyramid mall are proudly displaying the iPhone 6 on the shelves. Since it’s in-stock, the prices are almost double than the official price.

If you’re in Johor, the best way is probably travel across the causeway and get it from the Apple Store in Singapore. However, due to high demand, you may not be able to get one at the store so be sure to check or call first.


Another place where you can get it is on Mudah.my. I’ve already seen some sellers selling this device but the prices are inflated because they intend to make a quick buck on this latest model. Please be careful when purchasing something online. It’s best to meet the seller in person and check to make sure the iPhone is genuine and not a cheap knock-off from China! The lowest price I can find was RM2,899 for a 16GB iPhone 6 as I am writing this post. Most of them are probably brought in from Singapore.

UPDATE: Lazada Malaysia – the online shopping portal similar to Amazon, is also selling iPhone 6 at a more realistic price. Using the discount code LAZADAiPhone6 will give you instant RM200 discount from your purchase. Check out the link here.

A quick tip for you is to use this website and enter the IMEI number (it can be found under Settings, General, About on the iPhone or on the box). If it’s showing the correct model number and capacity, that means the iPhone is 99.9999% genuine since the information is queried directly from Apple’s database.

Well, if you manage to get one after reading this blog, do let me know! I’m still not sure if I should wait or get one myself…

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