7 Must Have Qualities that May Help You Get a Job at Google Malaysia

By | June 18, 2014

Dreaming of working for one of the best internet companies in the world? Here are the kind of candidates Google are looking for.


A few weeks ago, I blogged about on how to submit your application for any possible job opportunity with Google Malaysia. Based on the traffic log of my website, it’s interesting to see how many people searched for ‘working with Google Malaysia’ or ‘Google Malaysia career’.

If you’ve watched the movie ‘The Internship‘ which was recently aired on Astro, you would have noticed that Google is not a typical corporate company. They have different ways of hiring people and finding the right person to work for them. Let me share with you the five qualities Google will look for in a candidate:

1. Cognitive Skills

You must have the ability to learn new skills or new things fairly quick. Whatever you’ve learned in college may be obsolete by now so it’s crucial that you keep yourself updated with the latest technology and keeping up with the trends. Google conducts special tests during the interview process which will test your cognitive skills on how resolve problems or puzzles by thinking outside-the-box.

2. Emergence in Leadership

Well that basically means Google wants to see examples of you took initiative to be a leader rather than being told to lead. They would want somebody who can take the role of a leader without officially assigning that role to you.

 3. Humility

They want somebody who is confident with their abilities, but at the same time humble enough when to yield to a better idea. That also means you can acknowledge and learn from your success or failures.

4. Taking Ownership

Like most employers, Google want you to take ownership of any task assigned to you. If you find an obstacle when executing your tasks, you’re able to find ways on how to resolve it. They want someone who’s passionate about their job and willing to do the extra miles.

5. Expertise

While most companies look into someone’s technical expertise, Google is looking for someone who can resolve problems or executing tasks using innovative ways instead of following the book.

6. Your Degree is not Everything

Although having a degree is no doubt important to get a job, Google is actually looking beyond that. You might be interested to know that some of Google’s staff don’t even have a college degree. Google thinks that your GPA or your test scores can’t always predict how you can perform on the job.

7. Prepare to show what you say you can do

Google wants to see what you can create. For instance, if you’re a programmer, they would want to see the codes which you have programmed, instead of listening to you about your past glory. Whatever you’ve written on your resume, you better be sure that you can back those up.

Those are the seven qualities you must have before applying for a job at Google. The world is moving at a very fast pace, so you should too if you wish to work for them. Being different is good as long as it can help you move into a positive direction.

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