5 Steps to Setup Your Blog or Website from Scratch with Malaysian Hosting Provider

By | April 6, 2014

Have you decided to start your blog or website in Malaysia? Let me guide you through the steps on how to start your blog or website from scratch.


Prior to setting up your first website or blog, you probably will need to consider the least amount of budget or investment. I personally own many websites and most of them are hosted right here in Malaysia. If you’ve been thinking of starting your blog or website, there’s no better time than doing it right now. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start earning money online.

1. Think of a suitable name for your website or blog

The name of your blog is equal to the domain name of your blog. As an example, CNN.com is the name of the website while ‘CNN’ is the domain name. ‘.com’ is the domain extension and there are various domain extensions available for you to choose from. The domain name could be the name of your business, a catchy phrase or anything at all.

2. Pick a content management system

About a decade ago, you need to rely on software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage to build a website. Nowadays, there are content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal that allows you to update your website or blog without the need to install any software on your computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you can update it from anywhere in the world. I personally use WordPress on all my websites and blogs.

3. Pick a web hosting provider for your website or blog

I chose a local website hosting provider due to the timely technical support I’ve been getting all these years. A responsive and fast technical support is critical for your website because you should avoid any downtime or issue that prevents visitors from visiting your blog or website. Exabytes is probably the best provider in Malaysia. If this is going to be your first blog, then you should go for the “Beginner Package” which has 3 options as shown in the screenshot below:

exabytes_packageEBiz beginner is the cheapest but it doesn’t include domain name. The Xtudent package is probably the most ideal one for beginners because it includes a free domain name, 5GB of monthly data transfer, 10 email accounts and 5 MySQL databases which are needed to run your WordPress blog. It’s only RM99 for the first year so that’s only RM8.25 a month; which equates to around RM0.27 a day. Click here to begin ordering your hosting package.

4. Access the control panel (cPanel) of your blog or website

Once you have completed payment on the order page you should get an email with the login details of your hosting account. Find that email and look for the username and password. The control panel of your website is called ‘cpanel’ and you can access it by typing in the domain name of your website followed by /cpanel, for example:


Enter the username and password as shown below:



You will see a bunch of icons and controls for your blog. I know it’s a bit overwhelming so ignore everything for now and go to the final step.

5. Install WordPress for your blog or website

Scroll down to the bottom of the control panel and click on Softaculous:

softcalous_installClick on WordPress to begin installation > click Install. Review the settings below:

  • Choose protocol: http://www
  • Choose domain: no change
  • In directory: leave blank
  • Database name: leave it
  • Table prefix: leave it
  • Site Name: Enter your blog name (you can always change this later)
  • Site Description: Your blog’s punch line?
  • Admin WordPress Username: Enter any username of your choice
  • Admin WordPress Password: Enter a strong password
  • Admin email: it can be your personal email, you can change this later

Finally – go ahead and click Install. When installation is done, you can now access your WordPress blog. You can access it by entering your domain name followed by /wp-admin, for example:


Enter your WordPress username and password (don’t get mixed up with your cPanel password) to begin accessing your blog for the first time!

That’s it! You now have a blog of your own running on WordPress technology. You are now a step closer to start earning your money online!

Here’s the link again to purchase your web hosting package from Exabytes.

Is this too overwhelming for you? Contact me right now and I’ll do everything for you at minimal fees!

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