5 Popular Topics in Malaysia for Blogging to Get Google Traffic

By | June 23, 2014

Thinking of starting a blog but not sure what to write about? Here are some suggestions.


A few weeks ago I blogged about how you can earn extra income by blogging in Malaysia or anywhere for that matters. I also mentioned that it’s extremely important to pick the correct niche as it will determine whether your blog will be a success or a failure. The suggestions below are some of the hottest topics in Malaysia right now.


Malaysian politics are vibrant and there are always daily news which you can blog about. A lot political related blogs or news portal are extremely popular and have high volume of traffic.


Home to one of the best food in the world, this is one of the topics you should write if you enjoy eating. Many people search for what to eat every day so if you can maintain a blog that can keep people updated with all the nicest place to dine, potentially you will have a lot of followers. Don’t forget to sign up for Instagram so that you can integrate all the photos you took with your website or blog.


The World Cup is happening right now and almost everyone is talking about it. That tells you how many soccer fans out there. If you love soccer you can update your blog daily as there’s always something to write about.


Although car prices in Malaysia are one of the most expensive in the region, Malaysians still spend a lot of money buying cars. There are already several popular car related blogs such as Paul Tan’s but it’s never too late to start one, especially if you can blog on a very niche topic.


Although Malaysia is considered to have a small population, the entertainment industry is booming and many people love to read about popular celebrities’ lifestyle, gossips and fashion. You can also write about trending topics which are shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Those are just some examples. There are plenty more you can blog about. If you are an expert in your industry there’s always someone out there looking for more information. What’s important is that you write from your heart and your blog will grow naturally and eventually will let you get good Google traffic to your website, that can be converted into money!

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