10 Reasons Why I Bought a House and Live in Cyberjaya

By | June 4, 2015

A lot of people are giving second thoughts about living in Cyberjaya. Here are my reasons why I chose to live and work in Cyberjaya.



The infrastructure in Cyberjaya is well established. Since it’s located next to Putrajaya, there are several major expressways connecting Cyberjaya to other places in Klang Valley. The Maju Expressway (MEX) connects Cyberjaya to KLCC in under 30 minutes. Getting to KLIA or KL Sentral is a breeze via the KLIA Transit.


Is there anything lacking in Cyberjaya? As far as I know almost everything is now within reach. D’Pulze Shopping Centre which is the first mall in Cyberjaya is getting good business. TGV Cinemas are scheduled to open very soon is now opened. You can do your groceries at Jaya Grocer, buy DIY equipment at ACE Hardware, get books at MPH and so much more. Maybank, HSBC, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank and Bank Rakyat have opened their branches there. The cost of living in Cyberjaya is relatively low, although apartment rental price is increasing.


People always say Cyberjaya is “far.” I think many Malaysians are spoilt and always want everything to be within short distance. How is Cyberjaya far? I don’t feel that it’s far from anywhere. When I lived in Beijing a few years ago, it will take you at least 1-2 hours to get from one end of the city to the other. Cyberjaya is strategically located between KLCC and KLIA and it sits just next to Putrajaya. Driving to the airport will take around 25 minutes or less. You can get to Pavilion for about the same time via MEX.


Being next to Putrajaya, Cyberjaya will remain to be one of the greenest cities in the country. One of the nicest areas in Cyberjaya is the Putrajaya lake. The landscapes are beautifully done although they’re not as nice as the ones in Putrajaya.


Currently there are not a lot of residential areas in Cyberjaya. However, that might change in a few years time. The property sector in Cyberjaya is booming over the past few years and will bring the current population from around 80,000+ people today to around 100,000+ within the next few years. There is also a sizable expat population in Cyberjaya. You will notice this quite easily on weekends at Jaya Grocer in D’Pulze Shopping Centre.


It is under my impression that the crime rate in Cyberjaya is low compared to other places in the Klang Valley. There’s a huge police station and most residential areas are gated. CCTVs are installed around the city to monitor traffic and crimes at the same time.


Cyberjaya was established in 1997 and it was hoped to be the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening anytime soon unless if more initiatives are being done to attract startups that can drive innovation. According to Cyberview Sdn Bhd, the company that promotes Cyberjaya as a global technology hub, the city hosts more than 40 multinational corporations and 800 ICT companies. That means jobs are quite plentiful.


Currently there’s no LRT or MRT in Cyberjaya. However, the KLIA Transit does stop at Putrajaya & Cyberjaya station. The location of the station is about 5 minutes drive from the heart of Cyberjaya. It’s not possible to walk but there’s a feeder bus serving between Cyberjaya and the station. There’s already a plan to build two new MRT stations for Cyberjaya and not to mention the KL-Singapore bullet train will have a stop in Cyberjaya.


There are four tertiary institutions in Cyberjaya. Multimedia University, which was the first university established in Cyberjaya has been churning ICT graduates since 1997. Kirkby and Lim Kok Wing are other universities located within Cyberjaya. Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) is planning to open its Entrepreneurship University in the near future.


I believe Cyberjaya is good place to invest because do the Malaysian government would do anything to sustain this city. If you drive into Cyberjaya, you won’t fail to notice the construction of buildings, apartments and housing areas. Will the price go up in the future? 20 years ago, no one wanted to buy a property in Puchong.

Plenty of Things to Do

Checkout this list of 40 Awesome Things To Do in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

These are just some of the reasons why I chose to live and work in Cyberjaya. Sounds like a Cyberjaya property review? I’m pretty sure more exciting things are coming to Cyberjaya and if you plan to move here, don’t look any further!

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  • Francis Loh

    “A lot of people are “giving second thoughts” about living in Cyberjaya. Here are my reasons why I chose to live and work in Cyberjaya.”

    I can’t quite understand what you are conveying using the phrase “giving second thoughts”.
    Do you mean to say that a lot of people are giving second thoughts and therefore thinking of living in Cyberjaya now as opposed to previously they did not think that living in Cyberjaya was a good idea?

    Can you clarify?

    • Richard Ker

      Yes, there are a handful of people discussion on local online forums contemplating whether to live in Cyberjaya or not, and I’m trying to reverse the misconception

  • Shi Min Chua

    Hi, in addition to the reasons, I wonder if you are aware of any lessons (language s or arts) or interest groups in cyberjaya. I am considering moving to cyberjaya (renting)from johor after getting a job there. I saw that it is a quiet and relaxing place which I appreciate a lot. But I hope I could join some social and networking group in the town, rather than going into kl center. I also hope to join classes magic in the future, but hope there are more in the town. Please advise. Thanks